Encouraging women to reach their God inspired potential by coaching them through transformational experiences!

The Butterfly BJourney Ministry

My name is Lisa Walker and I am the CEO/Founder of The Butterfly Journey Ministry.  

My story (testimony) is one that may not be astounding to some,  but to me it's a awesome love story.  A story about overcoming pain, hurt, disappointment, spiritual depression, and unworthiness. It's a story of hope and restoration!  My story is much like the story of the women that I meet along life's paths that have suffered from the "stuff" of life only to be just getting by day by day.  The difference that I want to share with you is that one day when I found myself in the dark pit of hell,  with no way out and the walls closing in on me; I cried out in despair.  For months it seems that my voice only echoed off the dismal walls of cave that held me captive.  Until one day God answered me and healed me with His unconditional love into a place called PURPOSE!

Oh yeah, I knew God from years ago, I was even a born-again, church going Christian, when I landed into this pit of spiritual depression that threatened to take my very life.  And guess what I figured out, that many of my sisters have been or are still in a dark place of discontent and misery, crying to be free to live the life that God has promised them.  But like most of us we try to go it alone with a painful smile on our faces.

God says that we need each other to encourage, inspire, and sometimes to carry one another through the tough places in life.

That's why I am here and founded this ministry, to help my sisters that can't find their way out of the emotional pain and hurt that life has left them to suffer in.  I have compassion and am gifted in coaching women from pain to purpose because God has equipped me to do so through the experiences of my own journey.

I am no scholar and I don't confess to be perfect, but one thing I do know and am very confident in and that's who I am in Christ Jesus!  I understand my true worth and I am on my journey to live the best life that God has ordained for me to live!

So won't you join me and my team here at The Butterfly Journey Ministry, so you too can begin to live the life that God has promised to you!

It's your time!

Lisa Walker/Founder

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Lisa Walker