Encouraging women to reach their God inspired potential by coaching them through transformational experiences!

The Butterfly BJourney Ministry

What Are We Offering?  Solutions

We are getting things ready (even though its been a few years since we have been established) we are finally ready to move forward towards the vision that God has for this ministry!  Below are some of the programs and products that we are starting to offer women who are ready to pursue her "butterfly" journey:

  • The book promotion/launch:  Our first book, The Butterfly's Journey, is set to be published very soon.  It is the platform to which we will develop and implement all other programs and products for you to enjoy and grow.
  • Butterfly Circles: Is a one day exclusive workshop, limited to only 10 participants who have completed reading the book and desire to go deeper.  This workshop will be offered throughout the year.
  •  One-on-one life coaching: This program will be for women who desire to work with a Christian Life Coach on an individual basis.  It will help you discover where you are in life and design goals/tasks to take you to where you want to be.
  • Speaking Engagements: We will work with any group that wishes to begin to understand their journeys and also I'll share my own story of hope and redemption.

Why Are We Here? Our Back Story

This unique ministry was started by Founder, Lisa M. Walker,  during a season of healing from spiritual depression.

What I realized once I was getting better and understanding different things that had occurred during my time of depression it was eye-opening! 

There where 3 major things that really surprised me and also made me sad to discover:

  1. Many women (even Christian women) were suffering with a lot of hurt and disappointment.
  2. There was not a  "safe" place to share my feelings or at least I didn't feel like there was a such a place.
  3. No follow-up or checking in from other women whether friends or acquaintances  from the household of faith.

That is when God had me begin to write my first book about my journey with depression.  It is the platform that He gave me to reach other women with similar journeys.  To share my experiences, process and deliverance so that they could have some hope in their own seasons of despair.

But God didn't  stop there for me He wanted me to create The Butterfly Journey ministry to offer: one to one ministering, Christian Life Coaching and small group coaching that would allow women the "safe" place to heal, grow and discover their personal relationship with Him and  with themselves.

So I excepted the challenge and here we are!